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Wedding Day Photography Tips For Brides

I'm sure you guys are excited about your upcoming wedding day and probably have a thousand things to get into. We wanted to help answer a couple of your questions so you get to enjoy your wedding day to its fullest.

Keep An Open Mind And Go With The Flow

Even after months of planning things have a tendency to stray from your original plan but don't forget that the most important thing if for you guys to enjoy your wedding day so let the small things go and drive into the skid.

Some of the most unique wedding images we have gotten happened when something went wrong and we just decided to go with it.

You can't control everything and remember that your face reflects what your are thinking so try to relax.

Flower Power

Bouquets can be tricky, ideally you want to hold your wedding bouquet near your belly button or at your hip with arms slightly bent.

Mexico City wedding in Museo Interactivo de Economia

Look Away

Its pretty common to feel uncomfortable in front of a camera, the best way to forget about it is to just look away and pretend we are not here.

I promise after a couple minutes you will completely forget about us.

Avoid Straight Poses

Shifting your weight to one foot or placing one of your legs in from of the other offer a more angled look which looks a bit more natural.

Play With Your Dress

Hike up that skirt while walking away, this looks very natural and helps your arms look great!

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Have A Stroll With Your Groom, Bust A Move With Your Bridesmaids Just Let Loose

Motion makes for more natural looking photos and believe it or not you can actually feel movement in a photo. Walk around fooling around with your groom, it really helps you relax and remember that its all about you two.

Put Together A Shot List

I can't express how important this can be specially during family formals.

Each family is different and it's important for you to work on a shot list so we don't forget any important family member.

Not convinced yet?

Check out our article.

Do I really need a wedding photo checklist?

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Laughing Is Good For The Soul

A fake smile can look a bit weird but letting it all out and enjoying yourself can make for some beautiful candid shots that will just pop. Try forcing yourself to laugh you will find yourself laughing for real in no time.

Turn That Frown Upside Down

After a while you might feel your face a getting a bit tense, you will have a lot of pictures taken and modeling is not an easy job. If you feel like you're stuck in picture mode just close your eyes, take a deep breath and exhale while relaxing your face.

You will be dancing around in no time.

No Chin-Chin

Double chins have less to do with weight and more to do with how you pose. The easiest way to avoid it is to elongate your neck by positioning your head a bit forward and lifting your chin.

Another great idea is to try touching the roof of your mouth right behind your front teeth with your tongue.

Luli and Marcelo´s wedding in Playa del Carmen, Mexico


(remember what your mom said)

Slouching makes for a rather unpleasing photo so remember to keep your shoulders back and your chest forward. Don't forget to take a couple deep breaths!

Make-Up And Hair Trials Are A Must

You don't actually know if a certain style will make you look your best until you try it. There is no once size fits all when it comes to hair and makeup. This will also give you time to get those final twitches and ensure you have enough time for everything on your wedding day.

Snap away a few selfies so you know what your make up will look like in front of a camera.

Pinterest Mood Board

It is a great idea to share a mood board with your photographer, including both things that you do and don't like. This helps get a more personalized feel of what you are expecting.

Hire Photography And Videography From The Same Company

This way your photos don't end up looking a certain style and your video a completely different one. Also helpful to avoid woking with multiples contracts and keeping track of an extra vendor.

Kasia and Matt´s Wedding at Secrets Maroma

Smile, If You Feel Like It

Try walking around grinning a smile all day and you will quickly find yourself being annoyed and uncomfortable. Just let you be you, if you are more serious person go with it and if you just cant control yourself laugh away. Remember that whenever you try to control something you will look tense and the camera will definitely capture this.

Schedule The Hell Out Of Your Wedding Day

Having a detailed schedule is a must but don't forget to   leave some extra minutes here and there in case something takes longer than expected or just take a quick break.

Have a talk with you photographer to see how long each session might take and the best time for them. We always recommend starting your couples session 20-30 minutes before sunset.

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Have A First Look Session

Having a first look before the ceremony will give you guys some alone time to enjoy each other and calm your nervous before the big entrance. This is also a great idea so we can get some couple portraits.

Sneak Away For Some Photos During The Reception

Getting some night shots with your new husband make an awesome extra for your wedding story. We focus on getting some interesting lighting or twinkling stars. It usually takes 10-15 minutes since we like to prepare everything before we actually bring you guys over.

This really are some of our favorite wedding photos.

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Schedule An Engagement Shoot

It can serve as a practice run but most importantly it gives you and your photographer time to build a rapport and get comfortable with one another. This way you get a feel of how your photographer will work during your wedding day as well as learn your best angles and poses.

In Your Photographer You Trust

When in doubt ask your photographer for some guidance. We have covered hundreds of weddings so feel free to ask anything no matter how small. Be sure to hire a photographer that really relates to your style. You cant hire one photographer to shot like another photographer.

Hope this helps you guys during the whole process and please feel free to get in touch with any questions your might have no matter how small.

You will probably spend more time with your wedding photographer than any other person during your wedding day so its important to get any concerns out of the way.

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