5 reasons why having an engagement session before your wedding is a MUST

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An engagement session is basically a 1-2 hour session where you and your other half will get to chit chat while enjoying each others company at some awesome location.

There are many reasons why having a pre wedding photo session is a good idea but I narrowed it down to the most important ones.

ONE Getting comfortable and relaxed in front of a camera.

Practice makes perfect, having an engagement session before you wedding day will help you get used to the camera.

Let's be honest, most of us normal humans feel weird while being photographed, this casual session will help you get that out of the way.

Hopefully you will feel at ease and natural looking images will just happen naturally but its always nice to know what it feels like beforehand.

Have your hair and makeup trial done on the same day so this way you get to see what everything actually liked look through a lens.

TWO Great chance to hangout and get to know each other

Its quiete simple really, the more relaxed you are the better you will look in your wedding photos and you usually feel more comfortable with people you know a bit better.

Having a short session before the wedding allows us to get the initial awkwardness out of the way early. We will end up spending a lot of time together during your wedding day so getting some confidence will translate into more natural and relaxed wedding pictures. This way you will also get a heads up for my weird sense of humor (sorry in advance).

Engagement couples session in downtown Mexico City

THREE Learn how your wedding photographer works

Each photographer has a different way to get a feel for what’s happening. I personally enjoy high energy dynamic sessions where I basically let everything unfold and make sure Im ready to capture it. This is great opportunity to get in sync and ready for your wedding.

Engagement session in downtown Mexico City

FOUR Just because its fun times with your bride or groom to be

Choose a place you both like and make a day out of it. Spend the whole day enjoying each others company (and mine) while having a stroll through your favorite park, street or even mountain which I personally recommend. I would be more than happy to be your guide to some location you guys have never been to and excited to explore a new awesome one together. The possibilities are endless!

FIVE Awesome pictures You'll have gorgeous photos to use for whatever you want  

You can use your engagement photos for lots of things. Ho w about a personalized gift to mom and dad with a great looking framed picture of you guys.

Get a beautiful looking photo album to decorate your new home and show to friends.

Print a couple of your favs and have them hanging at home.

The photos can also be used in your wedding program, safe the date or website.

Convinced yet? Good. As a last tip, don’t forget to schedule your engagement session as early as you can so you don’t end up a month before the wedding running through various tasks and have no time.

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