Karla and Don's Destination Wedding In Cancun's Palace Hotel

This guys wedding was full of unexpected twists and turns which made it quiete fun.

The day started out great but just as we began shooting Karla's getting ready rain started pouring down all over Cancun. One of those rain storms that feels like it came out of nowhere but you just know its here to stay. 

The ceremony and wedding reception locations had to be quickly changed so their lovely beach wedding suddenly turned into an impromptu indoor wedding. Hats off to the guys of Palace Resorts for quickly dealing with it. 

Most couples would have been going nuts by now but they just did not care. All they wanted was to look into each others eyes and say "I do".

Storms and broken plan would not change that. 

They just focused on enjoying each other while having fun with their awesome wedding party, even while taking pictures on the roof top with what felt like hurricane winds they just enjoyed it and went with it. 

One of my all time favorite photos was shot during this crazy day where you can see Karla walking very carefully trying not to get her wedding dress into a puddle while winds swayed her from side to side.

You can actually spot my backpack on the floor since we didn't have a lot of time to do this I just dropped  it wherever I could which pretty much sums up the craziness of their wedding day. You can also see the wait staff kind of confused LOL.

It really was an honor being their to witness such a strong couple smile their way to happily ever after (that just happened, not even planned it) . 

Always keep smiling.


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