Elena and Leon´s Wedding at Dreams Resort Tulum, Riviera Maya

Elena and Leon wanted a formal wedding in Tulum because they love the place but didn't want a typical beach wedding. Dreams Tulum was the perfect place for something like this. 

Leon and I probably talked every single week up until the wedding day to make sure all the details would look awesome in the pictures. It wasn't always an easy task considering that they live in Hong Kong so some of the calls would take place at 4-5 am. 

Thanks to his attention to detail we got the look and feel we talked about from the get go. 

Leon is a driven intense guy and Elena complements him perfectly, she provides the perfect balance to his intensity and sometimes craziness (scroll down for evidence haha). It took me 2 minutes and many smiles to understand why everyone loves Elena, she just lights up the room. 

I hope you guys have an adventure filled life traveling the globe.

P.S. We talked so much even my girlfriend knew it was Leon calling at 6 AM.


Wedding planner: Fernanda Sanchez of Tailor Made Dreams

Live Music: Imperial Band 

Cinematographer: Tent Films

Venue: Dreams Resort Tulum

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